Electrical stimulation for sports

What is electrical stimulation for sports?

Electrical stimulation for sports is a high-tech training method known for efficiency and precision. This muscle training method helps improve a person’s physical shape by emitting electric impulses through the muscles, causing them to contract.

This form of passive exercise which therapy can be combined with active physical exercise for best results.

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The advantages of electrical stimulation for sports

  • Electrical stimulation for sports exercises the muscles you really need to work on. You can work on those that are harder to tone with physical exercise.
  • It helps recruit intermediate fibers for a higher increase in resistance to fatigue, particularly recommended for those who do resistance sports.
  • Electrical stimulation for sports exercises are adequate and effective to gain muscle mass as you can decide which muscles you wish to work on.
  • Appropriate for rehabilitation and recovery. It helps quickly recover to do sports following an injury. It’s an effective way to maintain mass and tone when injured as it only works on healthy muscles, leaving the damaged muscles alone.
  • Electrical stimulation for sports is a fast and effective way to improve muscle tone to optimize the effort made in the gym or at home.
  • It helps increase resistanceand the consumption of oxygen by the muscle fibers.
  • It helps with weight loss and maintainingthe desired weight over time. The muscle mass gained and toned burns more calories at rest than fat, which fosters long-term weight loss.
  • It is useful for people at various fitness levels. You just have to adapt the electrical stimulation for sports programs to your needsand specific requirements to achieve your fitness goals.
  • It helps sports professionals be more productiveby doing more work in a considerably shorter period of time.
  • Electrical stimulation for sportscan be adapted to different types of training to achieve different sports goals.
  • Train and recover. You can do its normal training programs and muscular decontraction exercises.

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