The most advanced training with electrostimulation: sport and technology

Technological advances and the human needs walk

together to overcome their challenges in sport.

It is the activity par excellence responsible for improving our physical condition. Soccer players and athletes are already supplementing their regular training with the use of the EMS technology. Do you know Karim Benzema and Usain Bolt? They are two example of athletes that are using EMS.

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Adaptation. Renewal. Boost. Agility. Quickness. 

They are five key features that the i-motion EMS device introduces with the latest electro-stimulation of the history. Training with this technology achieves the highest level of care, safety and adaptation of its training programs to the needs of athletes.

And today we want to share with you and to summarize in eight paragraphs what the most modern electrostimulation is and how it works in a sports training session.

Short story to remember the origin of electrostimulation

We make a flashback move to the origin of electrical stimulation. It arrived with the Egyptians. They had knowledge about the benefits of natural flows. And there it all began. An electric fish was represented in a tomb of 2750 B.C., a finding that proved that electrical currents helped to maintain health. In 46 B.C. occurred the first protocol on electrotherapy, when Siribonius Largus already spoke of “the pharmacopoeia, a remedy for patients that had the goat”.

Investigations have multiplied since the 19th century.

If you want to know more things about this story, we invite you to read our post by clicking on this link.

Stand out from your competition

with a new way of training

This is how electrostimulation have changed:

the most advanced technology of the moment

Electrical muscle stimulation is already a phenomenon with history. With a presence in more than 50 countries around the world, the Spanish company i-motion EMS focuses on three key areas




Electro-stimulation equipment i-motion

Its electro-stimulation equipment has become the more advanced EMS technology thanks to the presence of a smart software able to adjust the intensity of the impulse on each muscle group, once the first manual adjustment is made.

Thanks to this progress, personal coaches and trainers don’t need to adjust the parameters during the training session, gaining time to focus 100% on the user. It is multi-cluster and power the figure of the trainer. They are global pioneers in sequential pulses and active recovery. The device enables the user to train with company and without limits.

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Characteristics of the Smart EMS software.

Put the world on shape!

We are going to mention 7 characteristics of the i-motion EMS electrostimulation equipment. 7 data that placed it as the most cutting-edge technology for sport.

We’ll talk about them in more depth in our blog.

1. 20 programs established.

2. 6 free configurations.

3. Muscular load percentage at an individual level

4. Freedom of movement

5. Medical electrodes.

6. Automatic change of programs within a training protocol.

7. Active recovery

Thanks to these 7 features, the equipment allows a multi-cluster training based on developing 2 plans of training with different programs and intensities.

In this way, coaches and physical trainers give greater autonomy with a 2 or 3 screens training system. In short, it is a very versatile tool for the trainer that helps you focus in the best way to the sessions of your clients.

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How to carry out

a multi-cluster training?

The use of electrical stimulation to a multi-cluster training is done with the linking of wireless modules in different screens of training. 10 people in each program can be linked together allowing a quality session without needing to be focus on the metrics of each of the athletes.

As an advantage, coaches can choose and individually adapt the intensities to each user and pause the training at any time during the session.

To access the screens, they can do it dynamically through the Windows Microsoft interface.

In this way, coaches can carry out from group to individual or couple sessions, in gyms, outdoor training, sport centers, etc. Core, Gap, Functional and Custom are four types of multi-cluster training among which you can choose with i-motion EMS.

Basic TIPS to understand

the EMS training operation


It is comfortable and allows you to save time in the preparation of the athlete to perform the exercise. It is a wireless equipment; it provides great freedom of movement to trained athletes.


They are dermatologically tested, made from rubber and carbon, and move freely to any part of the body.


It focuses on improving the training process and adapt it to physical abilities.


Made in two parts, a bottom one and another top of easy hygiene.

Why to use electro-stimulation

with elite athletes

Throughout the years, the physical performance of individuals is reducing, and increases the risk of injury. Then we want to tell you how both the coach and the user can use it:

For the coach

You have more time to develop your role and don’t have to be resetting manually each time and intensity levels when switching from one program to another. i-motion provides greater autonomy, especially because you can focus on how to exercise the user and serve as a guide in their training session. As a result, athletes can get effective results in a short period of time.

For the user-athlete

Thanks to the i-motion technology, we avoid possible errors when changing from one program to another and the athlete gets higher performance, less fatigue and great satisfaction. You will have a personalized attention and feel that the trainer is focused on your and not on the adjustment of impulses. In a nutshell: muscle tone, work a zone specific, regeneration of tissue, decrease injury and personalized attention.

Electrostimulation at the service of technology!

The work of electrical muscle stimulation

One of the big advantages of electrostimulation has brought with it is the decide what muscle want to work the athletes in training. It is a goal that can be achieved with electrical stimulation, and although it seems unattainable, the truth is that it already allows to work a precise group of muscles.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is becoming a technique for the society to resolve the needs and problems in the sport sector. “We can handle the anterior or rear surfaces, for a technical exercise, working the agonist and antagonist musculature, synergists (referred to as primary muscles)”, as i-motion explains in this post.

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Technology at the service

of coaches and physical trainers

Summer is here and with it, swimming, triathlons, duathlons and other competitions. The athletes are facing their training sessions for these competitive sports and need to be prepared with the necessary physical and mental tools.

A training plan with sequential electrostimulation impulses allows choosing the most suitable training programs and work the muscle both active and passive. The best training plan is one that develops alternating physical activity with electrical stimulation. Remember that it is effective, not miraculous.

It comes from physical therapy. It functions as the brain. As also the central nervous system, reaching more muscle fibers than conventional training.

In addition to maintaining the muscle density of the athlete for much longer in the recovery states, as well as the stages of post competition can make blocks based on muscle recovery without affecting their training cycle, rather promoting through the process of homeostasis recovery and elimination of metabolic wastes, as well as the reabsorption of the lactic acid after the training.

Electrostimulation and training. A fruitful relationship.