i-motion impresses Shanghai

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i motion blog 12 - i-motion impresses Shanghai

i-motion strikes Shanghai twice over

i-motion EMS was invited to two Adidas events held in Shanghai this summer. Our company is constantly evolving, offering the latest technology in our software, so the i-motion team travelled to China and had the honour to present the latest technological advances at the events

IMG 20170628 WA0016 - i-motion impresses Shanghai
IMG 20170628 WA0017 - i-motion impresses Shanghai

Our system is the only one on the market that employs wireless technology

There’s no limit of participants, which allows conducting a multi-group training like no other. At the Adidas event, i-motion performed a demonstration of this pioneering capacity of our equipment, training 24 people simultaneously.

The presence of i-motion at the Adidas macro-events in Shanghai showed our company and our quality product, 100% Spanish made, to the world. We are proud to have become a leading brand worldwide, thanks to our quality, service provided and constant progress

IMG 20170628 WA0030 - i-motion impresses Shanghai
IMG 20170628 WA0027 - i-motion impresses Shanghai



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