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Revolutionise your customers’ training 

The system that helps sport, health and beauty professionals be more productive and enjoy higher profit margins in their businesses.

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The trainer’s role is enhanced thanks to our new smart EMS Software.

The only EMS software that, once the impulse intensity levels have been set at the start of the session, automatically changes the programmes within a training protocol, since it is able to smartly adjust the intensity of the impulse in each muscle group. The trainer won’t have to adjust any parameter during the workout session and will have more time to focus fully on the user.

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Did you know that lack of time is one of the main reasons most people stop exercising?

Another major reason is frustration at the lack of results, which is responsible for a high quit rate.

What do we do to prevent this from happening?

EMS machines are the future for many fitness and wellness-related fields, aimed at providing remarkable changes adapted to the lifestyle and routines of people who are looking for results with minimum time investment.

We highlight 3 major business opportunities that can be enhanced by our equipment:


More users than ever are turning to fitness vests as weight-loss and anti-cellulite treatment. Their results and efficiency are proven when accompanied by healthy eating habits.


It is ideal training in the fitness world, multiplying the results of any sport or physical activity. It can be used in rehabilitation, workout, strength-building and resistance training.


It activates all types of connective tissue fibres, improves blood circulation, reduces pain caused by poor posture, increases lung capacity, oxygenating the blood and muscles, helping us to improve our performance.

Maximum Profitability for your business

Maximise your investment in approximately three months, optimising your time and boosting your centre’s revenue.

You don’t need a large space to train with i-motion. Just 3 square metres are enough for any exercise.

Our specialised instructors will give you the necessary training so you will be able to get the most out of our equipment and business.

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What do we offer you for your business?

  • Technology: The i-motion R&D&I team works and implements the latest technology in new versions for your equipment.
  • Marketing Support: We offer all the necessary materials for online and offline advertising with corporate material.
  • Technical Support: Our technical support department is available to our customers at any time.
  • Training: At i-motion we offer customised training for using the equipment, and will show you how to effectively maintain it.
  • After-sales Service: We offer you personalised attention to solve any problem as quickly as possible.

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Triple the effectiveness of workouts
in just 20 minutes a week!

1 session with i-motion = 3 HOURS OF CONVENTIONAL TRAINING

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Ongoing international expansion

i-motion is a Spanish company that manufactures wireless EMS electrostimulation equipment with presence in over 50 countries spread over 4 continents.

Our electrostimulation equipment is already being used by more than 500 centres

i-motion benefits for your customers:

Increases strength

Simultaneously stimulating over 300 muscles.

Reduces BMI

Studies show it removes localised fat.

Helps to lose weight

Combined with a balanced diet.

Improves circulation

Increases blood flow to the extremities.

Boosts energy

Improves your mood and quality of life.

Improves your back health

Reducing pain caused by poor posture.

Combats Stress

With just 20 minutes a week.

Prevents injuries

Such as fibril overloading or rupture.

An investment in the price of an electrofitness machine and electrical stimulation jacket can be returned in a short period of time.

Better results = More Customers = Increased Profit.

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What makes our equipment different from the rest?

Better Sensations

In-depth and intense workouts with a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Multimuscular system

System that globally compensates impulses for all muscle groups, and not just for specific areas thanks to sequential stimulation.

Independent workouts

Avoid delays by training different users at the same session without them needing to start all at the same time.

EMS sequential impulses

Pioneers in the market with this system that triggers a sequence of impulses targeting each muscle group.

EMS Active Recovery

A faster and safer way to work your metabolism in the recovery phase without damaging any muscle group.

Session control

Allows us to control how many sessions the user has signed up for or how many he/she has left.

Software that is under continuous development

Our R+D department offers constant software improvements at no extra cost for our customers.

i-motion cloud system

Allows you to save each user’s workouts to the cloud, thus avoiding any possible incidents and saving time.

Five-year warranty

When you purchase i-motion equipment we offer you a 5-year warranty.

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I am very satisfied with i-motion. After just 2 months, we have got 50 new clients, and all of them have proven results after training with the equipment.

Victor MelilloAn i-motion client and the owner of the Feminina gym in Brazil

With one and a half years of experience of working with the equipment and thus knowing it well, I can say that my experience has been absolutely satisfactory, since the equipment's adaptability and the sense of freedom makes the final user of i-motion always feel comfortable with their training and results.

Oliver CatalanAn official i-motion distributor in Chile

I love it. It provides us with great flexibility when using it in any exercise we want. I can use it in all areas of work and with all kinds of tools. For training individually and in groups, it's fantastic. My income has increased considerably thanks to working with i-motion.

Nikiforos PantelidisGym trainer of Habitus in Greece

The most important for us is the support and the transparency around the investment. In this way, we would like to express our satisfaction as a client having contracted i-motion – for the constant assistance, accompaniment and service. It is also important to mention that the technology and advances projected by your team are at the avant-garde of the sector.

David Leonardo Ríos OrtízBody skills Bogotá Colombia

From all the wireless EMS equipment on the market, we chose i-motion because we were really impressed by the impulse quality, the really intuitive control screen and the suitable interface, all of this at a competitive price. All our clients are delighted by the equipment

Aleksey KhomenkoSiluetFit Studio, Moscow, Russia

i-motion stands out thanks to its equipment and continuous innovation. It is and was a true solution on the technical side as well as the humane side. An exceptional product without a doubt. We are proud to belong to this big family.

Karina Lopez & Javier BadagnaniVIP EMS Neuquen, Argentina.

A great team of workers and very proud to be able to work with your equipment. 100% effective and great results!

Jessica de las Heras

Leaders in electro-stimulation technology and innovation. Personalized attention and excellent after-sales service.

i-motionArg Ems

Great electrical stimulation equipment, 100% trust in them; plus, the after-sales service is great, guaranteed efficacy in record time! Thanks guys!

Monsport Alex tinoco


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28925 Alcorcón, Madrid

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Electrical muscle stimulation, endorsed by prestigious medical studies, offers great benefits to help you expand your business. With our EMS vest in particular you will be able to create customer loyalty and attract customers to your gym, beauty clinic, physiotherapy or specialised centre, as well as if you are a personal trainer. Electrostimulation vests get results in a few weeks and in minimum time per session. When you buy an electrofitness machine, complete with all the EMS vest and suit equipment, you are investing in health and improving your business. The electrostimulation vest will pay for itself in a short time. 
Designed for people of any age or physical condition, our electrostimulators are 100% safe to use, without overloads or risks. With the EMS Training suit, your customers will be able to work out in a comfortable and efficient way, improving their health. In addition, fitness vests are ideal for caring for both body and mind.
Increase in muscle mass, reduction in cellulite and muscle aches, de-stressing or toning effects, are some of the many advantages of electrostimulation. Furthermore, your customers will notice results in just a few sessions.
On the other hand, active stimulation is ideal for strengthening the pelvic floor muscle or for patients with chronic low back pain, as well as for improving the performance of elite athletes, particularly professional baseball players. The use of the electrostimulation vest is a recovery technique fully recommended and endorsed by the experts. Don’t think twice, and make i-motion the perfect complement for your centre. “Get your business into shape” with the latest in electrostimulation treatment. Stay one step ahead with i-motion!

The most comfortable and efficient EMS training on the market, with i-motion
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