Guarantee i-motion

The manufacturer of the i-motion electrostimulation device sets the following conditions for the respect of the technical service, the warranty and the after-sales service:

1 – The electronic module of the communication module (MCI) has a 5 year warranty.

2 – The internal batteries of the Wireless Communication Module (MCI) are warranted for one (1) year.

3 – Lenovo tablets and HP screen are covered by the manufacturer of the mark and these conditions.

4 – The proper functioning of the equipment is guaranteed to the buyer from the date of purchase, reliably confirmed by the distributor, the representative or the factory.

5 – The Service Warranty applies to defective parts of the equipment, replaced by original parts or repairing damaged parts, provided that they are not attributable to misuse or improper handling.

6 – Textile garments such as Bio-Jackets, their cables, have a guarantee of 15 days after delivery, pass this delay, it is considered as wear.

7 – The warranty does not apply if the equipment has been modified, struck, subjected to improper use or effort, has been subject to unauthorized repair or has been connected to a defective electrical installation, including variations outside the mains voltage tolerance, as well as defective voltages of any kind. Likewise, subjecting the equipment to fire, water, falls or shocks will result in loss of warranty.

8 – The handling of the material by a third party other than the official i-motion technical service or an i-motion approved technical service, implies the loss of any warranty on the material.

9 – For warranty or service, contact the manufacturer, dealer, or authorized service center.

10 – The terms and conditions of the warranty, as well as the terms of the warranty contained in this document, correspond to the warranties offered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for additional warranties that the dealer or distributor may offer to the buyer, and in this case must assert his rights against the one who sold the material.