Electrostimulation for fitness

Discover the benefits of electrostimulation for fitness and how it can be part of your business by helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Or use it at home to enhance the results of a fitness training or supplement this effectively.

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Electrostimulation for fitness,
a great help to achieve objectives effectively

Improves strength and muscle tone

With the electrostimulation for fitness of i-Motion EMS you can work a large number of muscles for a visibly stronger and toned body.

Improves the appearance of the figure with electrostimulation for fitness

The electrostimulation for fitness works from different angles for a clear improvement of the figure:

  • Contributes to a firmer and toned body.
  • Works to reduce cellulite and prevent sagging.
  • Contributes to weight loss by burning calories and promoting the breakdown of fat clusters (both global and localized).
  • It allows you to work exactly the type of muscles needed to improve the figure you want, stimulating the gain of muscle mass in the precise areas.
  • It helps you achieve your ideal body goals and combat the sedentary lifestyle that deteriorates its.
  • It allows to optimize each training.

In short, thanks to the electrostimulation for fitness you can optimize each workout by working in less time the desired muscles more intensely.

Find out why multi-group trainings
i-motion are already a reality

Contributes to a firmer and toned body

improving muscularly and aesthetically your quadriceps, glutes, abdominals, abductors, hamstrings and other parts of your body to get a better figure

Electrostimulation for fitness allows active recovery

After each training and in the recovery phase of an injury. This way you will not lose muscle tone even if you keep exercising the non-injured muscles and you will avoid losing your fitness.

Improves tissue nutrition

Electrostimulation improves blood circulation and muscle oxygenation. This contributes to an improvement of the tissue nutrition, favoring the strengthening and good condition of the muscular tissue.

Discover the electrostimulation for fitness of i-Motion EMS

Contact us to know in detail how electro-stimulation for fitness of i-Motion EMS works and what are its main benefits. This technique is ideal whether you want to improve in this area at a particular level or if you are a professional personal trainer or gym owner and want to help your clients to improve their physical condition in an effective and healthy way.

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