Electrical muscle stimulation

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique that uses just the right electric impulses to cause a muscular contraction which is pre-determined by the user. The electrical stimulation is produced directly over the desired muscle through a particular device equipped with electrodes to improve the physical fitness and toning in the area.

This passive training system can be used for sports, therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. The session frequency, muscles trained and type of movement electrical muscle stimulation applies to each fiber is essential to the results obtained.

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The goals of electrical muscle stimulation

  • To improve your physical fitnessand work with optimized training for professional and amateur athletes.
  • To contribute to effective and long-term weight loss. Calories are burnt, fat is lost and basal metabolism improves.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation helps the body gain muscle mass all while achieving better toningin the different muscle areas over short training sessions.
  • To improve the aesthetic look of your body by working and toning the muscles you need to get the results you want.
  • For muscle relaxation and recovery as the segregation of endorphins generated at a certain frequency calm pain and fight stress.
  • Electrical stimulation for sports enableseffective lymphatic drainage to reduce the liquid retained in the body, which helps with weight loss.
  • It helps with sports training during the injury recovery phase through various exercise sessions. It helps work precise muscle areasto prevent the damaged muscle or muscle group from activating.
  • It helps work on the physical shape of a patient or clientat a clinic, gym or sports or aesthetic center by adjusting at all times to their physical condition and underlying pathologies as well as to the goals sought with personalized training.

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