Electrostimulation for the knees

What is electro-stimulation for the knees?

Electrostimulation for the knees is mainly applied in cases of rehabilitation, after an injury, or in cases of joint problems with pain, such as joint weakness.

In all these cases, the electrostimulation for the knees provides complete help at different levels for the rehabilitation and recovery of injuries in these joints as well as for greater well-being and better quality of life in cases of chronic discomfort.

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Know the functions of electrostimulation for the knees

One of the functions of the electrostimulation for the knees is called TENS and is indicated for pain reduction.

How? Very simple

The Electrostimulation for the knees TENS generates the release of endogenous opioids, according to this study by Richard SS Cheng and BruceH. Pomeranz at the University of Beijing with the Karolinska Institute on its analgesic effects.

This reduction of pain not only allows a better quality of life of the person with knee problems, but also allows you to work by the electrostimulation for the knees EMS strengthening them.

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How does the
Electrostimulation for the knees?

Through the EMS programmes of the electrostimulation for the knees, both the muscles and the tendons and ligaments involved in the functioning of the knees are mobilised.

With the appropriate programming for each patient, the electrostimulation for the knees allows to work and strengthen these muscles, in a few minutes, to restore the proper mobility of the joint as well as to improve the muscle tone of the same and its stability.

In this way, electrostimulation for the knees actively contributes to mitigating pain and strengthens and puts the muscles, ligaments and tendons in an adequate state of form for greater strength, both to recover injuries and to avoid those caused by problems of joint weakness.

These uses of electrostimulation for the knees can be provided to different types of patients.

These include patients who require rehabilitation for knee injuries, whether or not they have undergone surgery, as well as those who need help in strengthening and greater joint protection, which is usually applied to people with obesity or the so-called third age.

In these and other cases, electrostimulation for the knees allows us to work to accelerate and improve the recovery of these and achieve greater relief of pain in these joints.