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What is electrostimulation?

Electrostimulation is a technological breakthrough in the sport, health and beauty field.

It consists of the emission of electrical impulses to the muscles just as our own organism does through the different cells of our body.

It is also used in the field of aesthetics as a treatment for rapid and constant decrease in body mass. It is an active exercise that increases muscle mass and strength, strengthens the body structure and flexibility and improves the condition of the skin.

Electro-fitness is a combination of electro-stimulation and traditional fitness, that is, exercising during the process of electro-stimulation of the body with special devices.

More information on electrical muscle stimulation

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¿What are the main benefits of electrostimulation?

Increases energy

Improve your mood and your quality of life

Increases strength

By stimulating more than 300 muscles at the same time

Helps lose weight

Combined with a balanced diet

Combats stress

Just dedicate 20 minutes a week

Improves circulation

Better blood pump to the limbs

Prevents injuries

Such as overload or hamstring injuries

Reduces the BMI

There are studies that demonstrate that it removes localized fat

Improves the health of your back

Reduces pain caused by bad postures

Increases lung capacity

Oxygenates muscles and blood, which make us work out more.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Ideal especially for women. Improve your health, your well-being and your intimate life!

Strengthens the abdomen

Prevents flaccidity, developing and toning the abdominal muscles

Tones the Buttocks

Reaffirms, elevates and produces a more attractive visual effect

Sectors the electrostimulation training is aimed at

Electro-stimulation is designed to be used in the fields of fitness, aesthetics and sports.

In the field
of fitness


Electro-stimulation is mainly used to cover two very common needs: rehabilitation and endurance. A fitness class in a gym can be carried out by electro-stimulation in just 20 minutes and in a much more dynamic way where the energy released will be higher.


In the field
of aesthetics


Electro-stimulation is mainly used as a slimming treatment, although it must also be complemented by a healthy and balanced diet according to the needs of each person. The active exercise produced by electro-stimulation improves the musculature and reduces the flabbiness of the muscles involved.

In the field
of sport


It can be applied in rehabilitation, conditioning and development of strength and endurance. Especially for elite athletes: these can perform their normal training programs using i-motion and also do exercises for muscle relaxation.


Impulses that emulate the brain

When we voluntarily decide to contract a muscle, a series of electrical stimuli are sent from the brain along the motor nerve, causing contraction. EMS produces the same effect, but electrical stimulation is generated directly on the muscle by means of an appropriate device and electrodes.

¿For whom is electrostimulation recommended?

Electro-stimulation is suitable for people of any age and sex. However, the type of electro-stimulation applied will always depend on the needs and objectives of the client, as well as their physical condition or underlying pathologies, which is the first thing that a professional coach should assess.

Electro-stimulation works by itself, even if the body is at rest, but in our case, it is about active integral electrostimulation, where the action of the movement is combined with the EMS impulse, increasing its effectiveness.

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It is not recommended in the following cases:

• Patients with epilepsy

• Pregnant women

• People with cardio-respiratory problems

• Patients with skin pathologies (example: psoriasis)

• Patients who are going through or have had cancer

• People with a cardiac pacemaker or other electronic device

We recommend consulting a doctor or a specialist, if you want to start training with electro-stimulation.

¿What are the requirements to be a trainer with i-motion EMS?

One of the most frequent questions about the requirements so as to be able to provide training with electro-stimulation is if a personal trainer must have a degree in physiotherapy.

i-motion is designed for anyone, after a previous instruction by our professionals, to be able to conduct training sessions. The software has more than 20 pre-established programs.

However, we know that physiotherapists are the most suitable professionals to use our technology, because they know in depth the parameters of the intensity

for different needs and demands of the clients, so they understand how to work different muscle groups. For such professionals, we have created 6 EXPERT MODE programs that can be configured and customized.

However, fitness coaches and trainers know the anatomy of the body and also receive training provided by the team of i-motion EMS experts. Therefore, they can provide appropriate training, as physiotherapists.

Myths about electrostimulation that you should know

Due to the rise of this form of training and the number of centres that have employed this technology, numerous questions have arisen about the practice of electro-stimulation that have caused negative reactions in potential consumers. Although some are based on facts, many others are myths that should be clarified and among which we highlight the most frequent:

Electrostimulation causes injuries:  Electro-stimulation itself doesn’t cause injuries; the injuries are caused because of the lack of knowledge on how to employ this technology. However, it is true that certain risks are implied if a proper previous assessment of the user is not carried out and their medical history, diseases and contraindications are unknown…

Electrostimulation makes you thinner: Personal commitment to exercise is essential to achieve good physical results, and this is also linked to a healthy diet according to your goals. EMS training produces weight loss due to the increase in basal metabolic rate; but only if it is complemented with a good food routine, the slimming process can be accelerated, in addition to helping improve the muscle tone, strength, agility and, in short, the physical capacity of the person.

Electrostimulation works even when relaxed: The body keeps being stimulated for a few minutes or hours after training and contracting the muscles. Muscle strength and endurance are gained, as well as the rest of the objectives which it is designed for are achieved, but only with a routine of training according to the desired goal.

You can apply electrostimulation yourself: Although it is physically and technologically possible, it is not advisable. Electrostimulation must be applied and supervised by a professional trainer who knows all the features of EMS, the device and the body in order to avoid problems such as injuries.

To practice electrostimulation, it is not necessary to be fit: This widespread statement is true, since the system used in electrostimulation allows its use to people little or not used to sports or physical conditioning, as long as it is guided by a coach who knows the needs, characteristics and objectives of the person.

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