Electrostimulation for the back

The electrostimulation for the back is used specially to solve contractures and for the relief of muscular pains. Many back pains in the lumbar, middle or upper back are caused by a weakened musculature and lack of tone. In other cases, it is due to excessive muscular tension, an abuse of physical exercise or contractures caused by bad postures and other reasons.

The use of electrostimulation for the back to strengthen this musculature is key to solving pain caused by low muscle tone. The electrostimulator properly works on different muscles to ensure that they are strengthened and the overall tone clearly improves. This avoids pain caused by a weak musculature as well as injuries caused by the same problem.

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Electrostimulation for the back,
the solution for muscles contractures

Electrostimulation for the back is also very effective to solve muscular contractures in this area whatever their origin or cause may be: bad postures, sudden movements, sports injuries and others. There are specific programs for this purpose that will help you solve the contracture and with it the pain that generates and could end up resulting in new injuries.

Do you make a very demanding use of the back musculature either during sports practice or for work?

You can use electrostimulation for the back to relax it and recover your muscles from intense work. This allows both avoiding pain and minimizing the risk of injuries due to overloads and contractures, among other problems.

Is the problem of your back pain related to stress or muscle tension?

Did you know that electrostimulation for the back allows you to relax the right muscles so that muscle rigidity and nerves do not generate pain or other problems, thus improving your health and well-being.

Get to know the different ways in which TENS and EMS electrostimulation for the back can help you and use the right programming to solve different health problems. You will improve your quality of life!

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