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We are the first Spanish manufacturer of electro-stimulation equipment and a world-level referent.

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In ongoing International Expansion

i-motion is a Spanish company that manufactures wireless EMS electro-stimulation equipment. Present in more than 50 countries around the world, our technology is mainly directed at three sectors: sports, health and aesthetics.

Pioneers in multi-group training, i-motion developer team is strongly committed to technological advancement and is always in constant study and updating of the technology.

We offer our customers the convenience of being able to train in both indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connection system.

i-motion offers great customer service, where the after-sale support is also very important, with free software updates, immediate technical advice, commercial monitoring, support in social networks and digital marketing, etc.

i-motion can be found on four continents, and we keep expanding our network to make our technology reach more people every day and offer closer service thanks to our distributors from all over the world.


i-motion works hard to offer the best product and service to the market. In two years, we have consolidated as one of the best brands in electro-stimulation technology in the world. We are up to date with the latest technological developments, and our engineers work hard to continually offer software updates, which are free to our customers. This is a unique added value of i-motion. No other company carries out so many constant improvements in such a short time. We work to offer the most modern and advanced technology on the market.

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i-motion is already present on 4 continents

We continue to expand our network to make i-motion reach more people every day and offer them closer attention thanks to our distributors around the world

Company landmarks in chronological order

  • After just a year and a half on the market, i-motion has managed to become present in more than 40 countries around the world, and it’s expected to grow even more in the coming months.
  • We have been invited and had an important presence at the best events of the biggest sports brands and at the best fitness fairs in the world.
  • i-motion is the only technology capable of training an unlimited number of people.
  • In this short period of time, we have updated the software four times, which would be something unusual in other competing companies. The updates and the best and most innovative technologies are our strong points and our philosophy.
  • More than 500 professionals from the medical and sports sector already trust and use i-motion in their work.
  • We are proud to know that thanks to i-motion, hundreds of people have managed to start their own business and achieve greater profitability.
  • Employment creation. i-motion is in full growth, and this means that our professional team is also growing, so we are proud to create jobs for new specialists.

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